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We are devoted to bringing you extremely  healthy lizards to be your best friends for years to come. We take extra precautions to insure that your lizard is in the best of health and a slim chance of disease 

Gecko care guide


as a responsible Gecko owner you should have one gecko per every ten gallon tank. They should have three hides one humid, one on the hot side, and one on the cool side. As adults they should have a meal every other day. Geckos will eat mealworms, crickets, dubia roaches, and the cricket or dubia roach should only be the length of the top of it's head. You should dust the bugs with a calcium powder usually found in you local pets shop.  Geckos can live on different substrates like eco earth, and paper towels.Do not put a male and a male together

Bearded Dragon care guide

as a responsible Dragon owner you should have a n10 to 20 gallon tank for on Dragon if you want to have more then one in a tank you should  have a 40 to 60 gallon tank in the same gender, so they will not breed.  .Females can live in the same cage with each other but males have a chance of fighting.They should live in a desart area with a hide, Basking area and food and water dish. They should live in a area with the temp on 100 degerses and desart humity

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